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Effective Meetings

This first decade of the new millennium seems to be characterized by both rapid growth and limited resources—especially time and personnel.  One of the most effective ways to maximize your company’s potential is to maximize the potential of those scarce resources.  By making your company’s meetings as effective and efficient as possible you can both minimize their cost and maximize their productivity.

What does an average week of meetings cost at your company?
Sample My Company
x 30
x $35
Avg. Meeting Hours/Person/Week
Avg. Number of People
Avg. Hourly Salary + Benefit
Average Meeting Cost/Week
Total _______

We all make conscious investments to improve our lives and our companies.  Are your meeting investments conscious?  Would you take $15,000, give it to your broker and say “Invest in whatever you feel like, I don’t really care about the risk profile or the returns”?  Click here for a PDF file with these calculations.

Do you look at the cost/benefit of your meetings?  

Do you expect productive results from your meetings?

Do you calculate the intangible meeting costs?  What is the effect on your company’s morale as your people spend more and more time in meetings?  Everyone likes to feel that they are productive and contributing towards a clear and meaningful goal.  Do your people feel their time is waste in too many meetings?  Do you?  How do you feel when your time is wasted?  Everyone likes to feel valuable.  When someone wastes their time they feel are being told that they are not valuable.  What are you telling your employees

So what can you do?

Click on the PDF link to open a form in a new window that will help you with each of these steps.

  1. Design the right meeting type to achieve your objectives.  Types.PDF
  2. Prepare a clear agenda.  Agenda.PDF
  3. Review your meeting tips before you begin.  Tips.PDF
  4. Write-up the minutes.  Minutes.PDF
  5. Have participants evaluate the success of your meeting.  Evaluation.PDF
  6. Where appropriate, have the CEO evaluate the meeting.  CEO Evaluation.PDF

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