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At the Profitable Solutions™ Institute, Inc. we believe that, while much of business is pure science, truly successful businesses incorporate a degree of artistry and intuition that only results from years of experience.

We believe in the interactive approach to working with our clients. Our task is to help our clients develop the necessary skills internally and to co-create a successful strategy for the task at hand—and Profitable Solutions™.

President — Lynn Marie Hoopingarner, CMC MIB

Lynn Lynn Marie Hoopingarner, CMC MIB is a Certified Management Consultant with over 30 years of experience in business in finance, operations, planning and marketing. Prior to becoming a Management Consultant at Ernst & Young, Lynn was an officer and corporate lender with both Chase Manhattan Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. Lynn was Assistant General Manager at Stanley Hardware in Cali, Colombia where she conducted market research and developed a marketing plan for successful new product launches and increased operating efficiency in plant production for various product lines by 500 - 1000%.

Lynn holds a Masters Degree in International Business from the University of South Carolina, a B.A. in International Relations from James Madison College at Michigan State University, and speaks fluent Spanish. She has worked in Europe and South America. Lynn is an experienced trainer and seminar designer, speaking and teaching at organizations such as UCLA, USC, The Institute of Management Consultants, Southern California Society of Certified Management Accountants, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), American Society of Women Accountants, California Venture Forum, Latin Business Association, Consultants Round Table, American Women's Economic Development Corporation (AWED) and various Chambers of Commerce.

She is a noted speaker and lecturer. Her audiences regularly give her excellent reviews on a wide variety of topics from International Marketing to Business Planning. Ms. Hoopingarner has been published in various business journals, and quoted in the L.A. Times and other business publications.

Ms. Hoopingarner was an elected delegate to the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business and was appointed as the Region IX Chair for Human Capital Issues and the National Chair for Social Security Reform.

Ms. Hoopingarner is past Chair and President of the Southern California Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants, and has served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Ms. Hoopingarner is a Microsoft Office User Specialist and is a skilled trainer in Microsoft Office programs.

Vice President, Data Management — Max Hugen

Max Max Hugen has over thirty years experience in process analysis and program design. He has coordinated and directed teams writing dozens of highly successful software programs in multiple programming languages addressing problems ranging from contract management to education and manufacturing processes. He excels in his ability to understand both the overarching management objectives and the staff level interface issues that make his program designs such an outstanding success.

Sample projects include:

Kaiser Permanente, Database Management & Program Design Team Leader
Leads the program design team that created and implemented the data structure and user interface for the Contracts Management Program (CMP) (which has been in constant use for the past ten years), Contract Analysis & Management System (CAMS) and OSHA tracking programs.

New South Wales Government Department of Education and Training, Third-Party Education Program Management
Designed, wrote and implemented seven applications to manage specialized education programs throughout New South Wales (NSW). These programs managed internal DET budgets, third-party service provider applications, contract awards, program management and program outcome reporting. Programs were networked throughout DET branches and used replication via WAN for overall Head Office management.

Over the past few years all initial applications have been progressively migrated to the Internet and expanded to allow direct data input by third-party service providers. Substantial productivity increases allowed expanded education program availability using existing levels of staffing. Moving to the internet allows a one-third reduction in administrative overhead.

Nokia, Production Line Tracking
Lead team that designed, wrote and implemented software application to manage entire Australian packaging and production facility of Nokia mobile phone components. Software captured product barcodes from automated production line readers with an audible alarm system for production line problems. Production errors were virtually eliminated and new system allowed for a production capture rate faster than 1 unit per second. Nightly replication of data to central computers from all locations facilitated management reporting at a level not historically achieved. Software processes 1 million plus records per annum.

Westpac, Property Management
Designed, wrote and implemented multiple software applications for managing over 3,000 bank owned or leased properties. Programs analyzed vendor performance and pricing and awarded new contracts based upon based past performance, tracked contract invoicing, payments, vendor performance ratings, and Help Desk issue tracking. In addition, a specialized module for major projects forecasting gave management teams the ability to create budgets for acquisition of new properties and related tenant improvements.

Designed state-of-the art website infrastructure and interface for wiki/e-commerce site with intensive user interface and data demands.

Vice President of Operations — Stephanie Burke

Stephanie Stephanie Burke was recently promoted to Vice President of Operations, after twelve years with Profitable Solutions in various roles. Stephanie’s responsibilities include administration, logistics, and social marketing.

A graduate of Brown University, Stephanie has worked for consultants and small businesses in a variety of fields, including real estate conferences, market research, and Outlook training. Most recently, she held the position of Licensing Coordinator in the Compliance Department at Prospect Mortgage.

Profitable Solutions™ Institute, Inc. is a women-owned business, certified by The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).


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