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Strategic Planning

Once your Vision is in place you will want to figure out how to achieve it. The first step is an effective Strategy. A Strategic Plan maps out the specific areas and directions you will follow, and not follow. Which markets you will pursue, with which products or services and how you will position your company to achieve your Vision.

Why have a Strategy?

Of course you don't have to have one. Many companies do not. But then how do you decide which opportunities to pursue and which to judiciously set aside, if only for the time being? Every company has a finite set of resources; financial, personnel, time. The successful corporation deploys those resources efficiently and effectively and that requires clear criterion for each decision.

What does a Strategy look like?

An effective Strategy can be a simple as an outline of bullet points that guide the team through their day. Some corporations choose to make this a more formal and longer document. What is critical is that the Strategy outlined is clear and focused and gives everyone on your team a clear direction and guidelines for the decisions they will be making.

How do we design a Strategy?

A successful Strategy usually takes some time with primary research to analyze the various markets, products and processes to help determine which will be the best avenues to pursue. The best Strategies usually involve the entire team researching and deciding on the direction to take.

We don't even know where to begin!

While this can be a complex project, an experienced facilitator and project manager can guide you through the process. A great facilitator will even show you how much fun it can be and teach you the tools to develop the skills so that you will be able to repeat the process yourselves.

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